Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Let's CELEBRATE with 50 % off, Speed Scraps, BINGO and MORE

I'm so excited that my store opening at Digiridooscraps is coinciding with their site grand opening :) There are SPEED SCRAPS (did you hear that, Sarah?), a Progressive Blog Challenge, a gorgeous, HUGE, Mega kit (like, over 500 MB worth!) and lots of other wonderful things going on.

And my store will be 50% off EVERYTHING - as much as is already there and as much as I can upload in the next two weeks...so keep watchin'!

Off to take the kids to see Grandma!

1 comment:

mel_h said...

OH MY WORD!! cant believe you are selling at another shop! WELL DONE! i dont know how you keep up, lol!! hope you are doing well and leaving you some cyberlovin'!