About Me

My name is Caryn Scanlan, and I'm happily married to my one and only love. I'm a home schooling mom to my 3 precious kiddos and a photographer (http://www.photographybycaryn.com) I'm originally from South Africa, and after falling in love with this American from the other side of the world back when it was still a bit unusual to do so, moved to the US to get married and start a family.

I discovered digital scrapbooking when I had a blog makeover and the blog designer pointed me to a few sites to choose a kit, one of which was DSO. I've been scrapping ever since, and have been designing since Feb 2009.

My favorite part of digiscrapping is the color and amazing textures we can apply to digital graphics. It's endless! My other favorite part {and, my other 'me'} is photography and how I can use so many aspects of it - I can take photos and use them for CU, and, of course, I can preserve the photos in layouts <3

I have taken a break from digital design to focus on my photography which has really taken off, with some of my photos being published, and a constant stream of clients to keep me busy. I do still hope to pick it up again. I'm going to keep this blog going as long as I can, because there are so many freebies available and they can still be downloaded.