Saturday, April 4, 2009

My LO from last night's speed scrap

What I love about a speed scrap is:

1) I'm scrapping for me :)

2) I love getting the instructions and seeing how it all turns out in the end

3) It's such fun to "get together" and scrap!

So this is my layout from last night's speed scrap at Enchanted Studio Scraps. I used Charlie's "Seebreeze" kit:

And these were the instructions:

1. Select a patterned background paper. Choose one photo ; the number of subjects in the photo doesn’t matter(more instructions on the photo coming).
2. Now choose a solid color paper. Crop it into a 11x11 inch square and place on top of the background paper. Add shadowing.
3. Place your photo on top of the solid paper in the top center. …..about ¾ up from the bottom but centered. Add shadowing.
4. Place 3 ribbons (yes different ribbons or ricrac) behind the photo. Slightly turn them so they are not straight. Add shadowing.
5. Choose 5 elements and add around your photo. Now add up to 3 more in one of the lower corners. You don’t have to add but 1 if you choose.
6. Title time! Place a one to three word title anywhere you’d like. Use some sort of word art or word on a string in your title along with font.
7. Now it’s time to finish up your LO. Place some sort of wordart on your LO. You may add one more thing if needed. You have the next hour and fifteen minutes to finish up your LO. Once completed, upload to the Fairy’s Quest Challenge Gallery and link us up here to receive your prize! I can’t wait to see what you have come up with!


LouCeeCreations said...

Caryn...this looks fun to do.

charlie said...

It was fun and wow what a great job you did!

Pene said...

Great LO Caryn! I haven't speed scrapped for ages but they are so much fun!