Thursday, November 20, 2008

I wanna be the first!!!


I totally loved Erin's kit "Flower Power" when I first saw it. It's so different! And it was on my To Do list which is currently 10 miles long (moving out of state tends to do that ;)
Anyway, when I discovered today that Erin had not yet seen a LO with her kit, that little "To Do" went straight to the top of the list, and anything that would have been remotely responsible of me to have done went completely out the window ;)
So here is my "Storyland" LO from our family vacation in August. I'll ask Erin if she wants me to do a QP and if she does I'll post it here for you.
It really is SUCH fun to see a LO with something you've made, and I've learned a lesson - I'll be sending LO's to designers as often as I can ;) *HINT* *HINT* LOL!
Now, on to do what I should have been doing all afternoon...

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scrappy weiss said...

YEAH!!!! If there were something larger than capital letter I would be using them right now. I loooooove the layout. I'm going to post about it tomorrow since dinner is summoning me as I type. Thank you so much. It means more than you know:) And yes please, do a QP if you feel like it.