Thursday, November 20, 2008

First LO I've ever seen with MY kit!

I am thrilled and excited to show you the first LO I've ever seen done with a kit I made :) I am thrilled! (Oops - did I say that already? ;) My most lovely CT friend Erin has posted it on her blog. Go tell her how absolutely wonderful it is *grin* I love how she's placed the Christmas tree. I just love the whole thing!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me your LO's! I would just love to see them!


scrappy weiss said...

you are too stinking cute. i hope you get some responses and more people send you layouts. i haven't gotten any with my kit either so you're not alone. kisses and rest that eye. e

Sunny1972 said...

Hi! Lovely kit those colours are fabulous! Love the tree! too cute! Just to let you know I did a LO using some of your kit a while ago dont think you saw it! If you want to have a look! Well Done Caryn!!!!Hope you are feeling heaps better now!arizedn