Saturday, October 18, 2008

How do YOU do your heritage scrapbooks?

Up till now my LO's have been random, based on getting my assignments done, and my scrapping for "me" has come to a grinding halt. I'm getting serious about creating a scrapbook for each of my children, and a family scrapbook for each of them, too. Also a fabulous "Book of Me" inspired by the wonderful new "A-Z of You" twist to the Sketch Challenge at Snap and Scrap!

So what do you include in your kids' books, aside from the obvious firsts?

  • Ultrasounds
  • Preggo belly
  • First day
  • First step
  • First tooth
  • Siblings
  • First home
  • First pet
  • Mom & dad
  • Grandparents
  • First vacation
  • First day of school
  • First word

Any other ideas? Help me - I'm idea challenged

Also, do you tend to make the LO's matching, using kits with similar color schemes/themes OR do you change it up and make each LO completely different from the one before? And HOW do you catch up!? I'm 7 years behind!!!

Can't wait to hear/SEE what you all are doing!


Anne of Alamo said...

Hey from team member Anne! 7 years is not a bad time to start lol
I wanted to say....Keep it simple
I do a year book for the family...of events...I scrap most of that chronilogically (these aren't usually ones done for challenges etc)
I also keep a book for each child for special things...some pages scrapped, some are report cards, and drawings we kept due to funny, touching or first...
They are in ugly black binders and my kids pull different ones out all the time to read and laugh at...
Don't try and make it a "awesome" layout, make it a memory to remember for your kids.

June from Scrappng by Design said...

What I have done is make a "Welcome to the World" book, which could also be part of a scrabbook. It has pages entitled "Things I want you to know", "Things to know about me", "Things to know about your family", "My dream for you"', etc. It takes a little thought but I think its a keepsake the kids will cherish when they get older.

charlie said...

oh my I hope your ok Caryn??
A good question about the scrapbooking..I will have to put some thought to it..thanks for the wonderful QP too..its beautiful!Your blog looks wonderful!

Sunny1972 said...

Hi Caryn, LOL every time I come to your blog its changed! guess its like getting a new pair of shoes! LOL. Put a link to your QP on my Blog!
In answer to your question I scrap wahtever I think about, I have loads of photos still to scan in But it takes forever! I would like to do more daily life scrapping I had an idea to take one photo a day which I would the journal with, then I kept forgetting and nothing seemed intresting! LOL. I would like to do more about my feelings but I would prob keep them private I think! LOL.... hope you are having a great weekend too! And I love the pumpkin Pics!!!

Lou Ann said...

Caryn, I was thinking about the same thing ... It seems
I do my layouts around my creative team assignments or challenges and I am not getting any of "my" scraping done. I think the hardest thing to getting this done is just finding the time - Wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up one morning with a cup of coffee and have all day with nothing to worry about but digital scrapbooking - wow,that would be fabulous! Your blog is fabulous - I love your changing it so often!