Sunday, October 19, 2008

Birthday Party Invitation hybrid tutorial

Thank you to everyone for your ideas on getting scrapbooks done IRL. Some really good input there and I really will take it to heart!

I did a hybrid tutorial for the Snap and Scrap September newsletter, with step by step instructions for an invitation with a dimensional element. Of course, you could always go to town and add a bunch of hybrid elements, but this is good for a start!

Birthday Party Invitation Tutorial

Disclaimer: Don’t try to do this at home while trying to dodge a 11 month old – your photos come out not-so-great and you lose things as your supplies are flung around the room!

Step 1
Download and customize the templates (designed to print on 8.5” x 11”) with graphics to match the theme of your birthday party. Our party theme is “The Mighty Jungle” so I’ve used the kit “Going to the Zoo” by Mel Hains which is available in the shoppe at Snap and Scrap.

Invitation Template Preview [Click on the image to download the template]

Buttons Template Preview (I'm making extra buttons because I know I'll need them later, or can use them for decor) [Click on the image to download the template]

Envelope Template Preview [Click on the image to download the template]

Supplies you will need:

  • Foam sheets (or sticky foam shapes)
  • Your customized invitation, envelope sheets and buttons
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Cutting tool
  • Glue
  • Envelopes

Step 2:

  • Cut out your buttons
  • Trace around them onto the foam board/shapes

Step 3:

  • Cut out your circles. [TIP: angle your knife so that the edge of the foam circle doesn’t show once you stick it onto the invitation]

Step 4:

  • Stick your button onto the foam circle, and stick the circle onto your invitation. [TIP: You might want to use a glue gun to stick it onto the invitation to give it a strong hold.]

Step 5:

  • Cut out your envelope sheets and stick them onto your envelopes.

Well, with all the celebrations and parties that come with the season, I hope that you have found this useful and that you can adapt it for Fall celebrations, Thanksgiving gatherings and Christmas parties too!

I have another hybrid tutorial coming up in the November newsletter at Snap and Scrap, so make sure you head on over there and subscribe to their newsletter - there's some really awesome stuff in it! And I'll be back next month with a tutorial on Party Placeholders!


charlie said...

Caryn, I lloked at your September hybrid tutorial and thought it was fantastic mate..a job well done!

Amanda said...

Wow.... I will use your idea to make Halloween party invitation cards for my guests.