Friday, June 11, 2010

Eye candy from DSO this week

There is so much to love about DSO. One of my favorite things is the STRICT QC that everything goes through. There is nothing worse than buying something and finding out it's yucky quality. That is guaranteed not to happen to you at DSO :) I have such confidence knowing that my products are top notch! Wooot!

So, this week, there is some gorgeousness for you to enjoy :) I've shown you my stuff, but I wanted to show you my FAVES from what the other girls have done...

From LPand3dogs Designs - yummy textures!

Loucee Creations - how cute are these dots and little doodads!

Just Passin' Through (oh, I love me some dots!)

Bunny Cates (gah! love the wire!)

GS Creations - how cute are these?

Jen Reed - LOVE the kraft paper stuff in here.... yum!

Legacy4life - love the organic nature of this kit!

I'll be posting the new goodies at DSO every Friday so be sure to check back and see what there is!

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