Thursday, December 10, 2009

New toy for designers & a giveaway :)

With all the talk about QC, it is obvious that having excellent quality products is vital. And as a designer, I do not want anything remotely sub par in my store.

Just having started QC'ing for ESS myself, I needed something to make it quick, and to do a good job, so I made a new Quality Control Action that has been tested in PSCS3 and PSCS4. It's in my shop, and on sale for 40% off for a limited time, making it a bargain at $3 :)

If you are able to test this in a program OTHER THAN PSCS3 and PSCS4, shoot me off an email at caryn @ (without the spaces) and I'll get a coupon for you to get it free!

1 comment:

Whispering Writer said...

Love this Caz! This'll be going on my Christmas List - which is quickly becoming The List of Things I wont be getting :(
I'll blog this, though!

~ Becky