Monday, August 10, 2009

Real Painted Lady Butterflies & Flowers with Raindrops {CU OK}

Let me first say, "Bad blogger, Caryn! Bad blogger!" I have SO neglected Mr. Blog here and he's been calling my name daily ;) But I'm here now! LOL

I have two new products in my store, and I LOVE both of them! They were both photographed and extracted by me, and I have to say that those are two of my favorite things to do - photograph and extract! So I really had a blast with these :)

My kids raised these beautiful painted lady butterflies before setting them free amongst our lilies! Of course, I couldn't resist taking photos, and have extracted them for you! Carefully checked - no stray pixels!

These lilies have such a pungent fragrance and look so fresh and lovely right after the rain! I just couldn't resist So here they are - photographed and extracted by me.

I hope you like them!

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