Friday, November 14, 2008

Post surgery and a Freebie! Also LOTS of fun at Snap and Scrap...

Well, I thank the Lord for a wonderful surgery experience! I had surgery on my eye yesterday morning to correct strabismus (double vision when looking to the left, for me) and it was as easy as it could be, and everything went the best that I could hope for! I know that I had lots of friends praying for me, and I was so aware of being peaceful and joyful, even as they gave me the IV, even as I could feel the "fall asleep" meds going up my arm and even as I fell asleep. Even as they adjusted the muscle after I came round ;) yeah - I won't go into detail on that...eeuw! And here I am, the day after, working on my blog!!! My eye feels like it has an eyelash in it, but that's about the worst of it.

So here I am, with a QP freebie to celebrate Charlie's newly released "Frogs and Mudcakes" kit on sale in her shoppe!

Download the QP here

Please also remember to stop by Charlie's blog and tell her how much you love her designs!
The kit is really cute and fun for all those fun camping/boy/outdoors LO's.

I just have to mention the fun that's happening at Snap and Scrap... They're having a Christmas Countdown, with all kinds of easy but gorgeous hybrid projects to make. If you haven't done anything hybrid yet you really should give it a try - all you need is your printer, some scissors and some glue!!! You can get more fancy/complicated than that if you like, but really as far as I'm concerned, less is more.

This is the first project up on the Christmas Countdown - it's a GORGEOUS hybrid canvas that Sharon has shown us step by step how to make. You can see the tutorial and chat about it here. It doesn't have to be Christmas themed, so I'm going to make some that compliment the decor of the people I'm giving them to. It should be fun!
OK, my eye is really starting to feel like...well, I'm not sure exactly what, but it's not great ;) So it's over and out from me (for a little while!)


Digi Free said...

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Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Caryn,

I am so happy that your eye surgery went well. We had a friend who underwent this surgery - and what an amazing difference it made for her.

Thanks for your blog post, enjoyed my visit!

~ Barb

Mrs. Miles said...

I just HAVE to leave a second comment to tell you that when I left the first comment, the word verification letters were


funny, isn't it?

charlie said...

Hi glad your eye surgery went well..I havent forgotten about your Qp(fabulous by the way) of to blog ..mwahhhhh

Michele said...

This is such a wonderful QP!!! I will have to find some great pictures to go in it!

Juli and Brett said...

I really love your quickpage. I can't wait to find the perfect photos for it. Thanks for sharing!

lovetocraftbetty said...

Cute quick page!! Thank you!

Digi Free said...

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