Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New CT & Funny hubby comment (don't we all just love those!)

I'm SO excited to announce that I am part of the CT for the lovely miss Charlie of Charlie Digiscraps fame! She has astounded me with her development as a designer in such a short time, especially over the last couple of months, and it's a privilege to create for her :) She has been offered a shoppe at Snap and Scrap (note the new .tv address for Snap and Scrap - and to celebrate she is having a sale starting on Friday on her first kit:

I can promise you that this first kit of her is gorgeous - you'll want it and you'll be back for more! LOL!

So I sat down at the computer this morning to check my usual forums, blogs, email etc, and my hubby walked in and said, "So I tried to watch a movie on Netflix on demand last night..." and I totally knew what was coming ;) I had already started giggling. He said, "And it said I needed 2GB and there's not enough space! So I searched for files over 10mb, and there popped up a whole lot of files with girly names, so I knew it was your stuff. So I just thought I would zip them up and - what do you know - THEY'RE ALREADY ZIPPED!? What the heck are they!?"

At this point I was just about ROFL. I told him they are high quality graphics and he said, "Digiscrapping! There's never ever going to be enough space, is there?"

And now I was laughing so hard at the expression on his face, and loving the fact that I know he loves my quirkiness and what I do, and he would never ask me to take them off.

Even though I'm using his computer to store it all on, and my computer to work on it ;) I'm so blessed to have him and I will always think he's SUCH a hottie ;)

It's been a long time since I scrapped a page just because, and I had fun doing this one. I used Ethan's Backyard by Ziggle Designs and thoroughly enjoyed the more serious boy kit. Even though I felt like a teenager doodling "hottie" on my boyfriends photie - remember those days!?
Well, I better try to get some 11 month old has a cough and keeps waking up :( I hate to listen to my kids coughing - it's so sad! So as the fall moves on here in the US, and temps are getting COLD (it was 10 deg today, so don't try to tell me it's not cold yet ;) I hope you all
have good health all winter long!

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charlie said...

mm he is a hottie so glad you are on my team Caryn..thankyou...great layout of your man too ;)