Friday, October 10, 2008

How funny is this - my very own CHICKEN kit, Mel's other stunners and FREEBIES!

My oh-so-wonderful designer, Mel, is doing PERSONALIZED kits for each of her CT members. Talk about spoiled. All we had to do was give her a color scheme, and she came up with kits for us. She also does freebie samplers for all her kits and they're available in her shoppe. What a gal!

There are TWO freebies for you in this post - see if you can find them...LOL! You'll have to scroooolllll down ;)

I got my very own pet kit - for my chickens! LOL. Not only do my family think I'm nuts for having chickens, but now my fellow CTM's do too ;) Seriously, it's such a cute kit, and great for those chicken/farmyard photies. It's called Caryn's Backyard Playground.

And here's introducing Tinkerbell, Clarabell and Liberty Bell!

She also did a lovely kit for her mom called "Hannah Sings the Moody Blues"

This is a classy, deep, serious kit and I really enjoyed working with it. I especially love the metal swirls. I used it to scrap a wedding picture of two of my wonderful friends:

Credits here

I also made a blog layout with it:

You can get the background here and the header here.

Last, but not least, Mel did a kit for the lovely Nicola who spreads so much encouragement and brings lots of smiles around the digiscrapping world - she really deserved this beautiful kit!

For this one I made up a blog template:

You can get the blank header (to customize with your own blog title) here and you can get the background here.

Well done if you made it all the way to the end! There are some real gems to be had, and don't forget to pick up the freebie samplers in Mel's Shoppe.


Lou Ann said...

Caryn, I know I didn't make Mel's post on your kit. These chickens have been haunting me for weeks!
A kit like this is what attracted me to Mel's designs because I love the quirkiness of it and ok they are
rabbits in the cages and not chickens! I just had to
do a layout with this kit, sorry I missed the post!
Thanks girlie for all you do - you're the best!

Lou Ann said...

oops, forgot the layout...

charlie said... rock and I have an award on my blog for you..mwahhh

szilvia said...

Caryn these chicks simply RAWK :D and i love your blog blings, they are gorgeous - thanks so much for them!